63-12672 63 cruise control dash decal58-13413	Bowtie, 36 in, white Decal58-13411	Bowtie, 16.5 in, white Decal58-133341	Chevrolet in blue Bowtie, 13.5 in Decal58-13410	Bowtie, 16.5 in, red Decal58-13409	Bowtie, 16.5 in, blue Decal58-13408	Bowtie, 16.5 in, black Decal58-13412	Bowtie, 36 in, red Decal58-13320	Bowtie, blue, 8 in Decal58-13323	Bowtie, white, 8 in Decal58-13321	Bowtie, black, 8 in Decal58-13317	Heartbeat of America, 6 in Decal58-13316	Heartbeat of America, 3 in Decal58-13318	Heartbeat of America Yesterday’s Chevrolet, 7 in Decal58-13327	Bowtie, white, 3 in Decal58-13326	Bowtie, black, 3 in Decal58-13325	Bowtie, blue, 3 in Decal58-127336 battery warning decal, positive to positive58-127335 Delco Battery Decal58-12733	Caution fan decal58-127325 Washer Jar Bracket Label58-127337 Offenhauser Equipped Decal70-12731	70-72 Cooling system label59-127321 59-67 Kleer-View label68-127321 68-75 Windshield washer, anti-freeze and gas line de-icer label59-12732	59-72 Optikleen bottle label 61-12729	61-64 Cooling system label 65-12730	65 Cooling system label