47-07810 47-59 Clutch return spring 47-07809 47-59 Clutch linkage offset rod 47-148181 Cable mounting bracket for electronic kickdown kit #47-1781847-14819 Kickdown cable kit, TH35047-148191 Kickdown cable kit, 700R447-07808 47-59 Clutch linkage to offset rod hook47-07809 47-59 Clutch linkage offset rod47-07810 47-59 Clutch return spring47-077365 Pilot bearing47-07835 Throwout bearing Flat Diaph56-07812 56-59 Clutch fork pivot ball stud 6cyl47-07811 47-55 Clutch fork pivot ball stud 6cyl or V847-07836 Throwout bearing Raised Diaph47-07826 Clutch alignment tool 10 Spline47-07827 Clutch alignment tool 26 Spline56-07813 56-59 Clutch fork pivot ball stud V847-07814 47-59 Ball stud retaining clip47-14820 TH350 Kickdown cable (47-59 catalog)47-14821 TH350 Kickdown cable bracket (47-59 catalog)47-148201 TH350 Kickdown cable, repro47-14818 TH400 Electronic Kickdown Kit (47-59 catalog)55-07706 55-59 Transmission seal47-07705 47-59 Transmission seal56-148175 56-57 Powerglide transmission seals and gasket kit 55-148174 56-57 Powerglide transmission seals, rear 55-148173 55-57 Powerglide transmission seals, front