67-17004 67-72 Rear rollpans, Fleetside, with license plate lights67-170031 67-72 Rear rollpans, Fleetside, without license plate lights60-170021 60-66 Fleetside Rear Roll Pan with License Plate Light60-17002 60-66 Rear rollpans, Fleetside60-17001 60-72 Rear roll pans, Stepside w/o license plate lights60-170011 60-72 Stepside Rear Roll Pan w/ license plate light69-17007  69-72 Cargo light switch 69-170071 69-72 Cargo light switch screws69-170101 69-72 Cargo light lens screws69-17009  69-72 Cargo light lens 69-17010  69-72 Cargo light lens, Lens gasket"69-170061 69-72 Cargo light assembly mounting spacers69-17005  69-72 Cargo light assembly69-17006  69-72 Cargo light assembly, Light housing to cab mounting pad"69-17008  69-72 Cargo light wiring harness67-168042  67-72 Black, right"67-168041  67-72 Black, left"60-16802  60-66 Tail light mounting bracket, Black, right"60-16801  60-66 Tail light mounting bracket, Black, left"67-168044  67-72 Stainless Steel, right"67-168043  67-72 Stainless Steel, left"60-16803  60-66 Tail light mounting bracket, Chrome, left"60-16804  60-66 Tail light mounting bracket, Chrome, right"67-16716  67-72 Back-up light bracket, Left, Stepside"67-16717  67-72 Back-up light bracket, Right, Stepside"67-01207  67-68 Front splash apron  steel 67-01206  67-72 Front roll pan  steel