73-31447 73-87 Power door lock switch, LH or RH, repro
73-41232 Ice Chest, black with white details73-41230 Ice Chest red with white details73-41231 Ice Chest blue with white details73-411958 Slate blue  "GMC trucks" hat73-411957 Tan  "GMC trucks" hat73-411956 Black "GMC trucks" hat73-411955 Bone "Chevy Trucks" hat73-411953 Black "Chevy Trucks" hat73-411952 Charcoal "Chevy Trucks" hat73-411954 Slate Blue "Chevy Trucks" hat73-411951 Light green "Chevy Trucks" hat73-41195 Genuine Chevrolet parts cap tan73-41194 Genuine Chevrolet parts cap black73-41187	Bow Tie cap, tan with green bill73-41189	Bow Tie cap, Chevrolet, khaki with black bill & 73-41188	Bow Tie cap, Chevrolet, tan with blue bill 73-41180	Hat, Truck Shop logo, beige with blue bill 73-41181	Hat, Truck Shop logo, blue with beige bill 73-31430	73-87 Door lock knob bezel, stainless 73-31440 73-91 Door lock knob, chrome 77-31422	77-87 Handle escutcheon, black 73-31421	73-76 Handle escutcheon, gray